3 Microsoft Dynamics Add Ons to Try

Microsoft Dynamics Add Ons

Dynamics is a part of Microsoft and is well known for some of the best ERP software portfolio. The software that is marketed as a part of Dynamics NAV is basically targeted towards small and medium enterprises and plays a big role in redefining the entire Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP as it is called. Though the first software hit the markets as early as 2000, it has gone through many changes, acquisitions and buyouts over the years.

The Impressive Growth Story

However, in spite of many twists and turns, it would be pertinent to point out that many of the Microsoft dynamics add ons have stood the test of time and are today being used by more than 65,000 companies. The total licensed end users should be around 1.30 million which is quite impressive to say the least. Almost 20% of the users are in USA and the fact that these ERP add ons are available in many other language is certainly a boon to many countries where English is a problem area.

The fact that it operates under the brand name Microsoft makes it possible for it to tap on the huge goodwill that Microsoft enjoys. There are literally dozens of these ERP and other related products. Hence, it would be almost impossible to have a look at each one of them. However, we will try and have a look at a few of these dynamics add-ons which have helped many small and medium industries to redefine the way they do their businesses.

The Various Areas Where These Add Ons Are Used

There are several areas where the Microsoft Dynamics add ons find use. They find extensive use in the distribution and supply chain management, inventory and order processing, accounting and financials, human resources management, e-commerce, analytics and reporting, just to name a few.

Additionally it is also not very uncommon to see them being used in service management, sales marketing and a number of other areas. In fine, one can safely conclude that for many small and medium enterprises these add ons have become indispensable and irreplaceable to say the least.

It would now be interesting to have a look at 3  add ons which could go a long way in helping businesses. This is not an easy task considering the fact that there are literally dozens of such add-ons that are on offer from the stables of Microsoft Dynamics.

Advanced Contract Billing Suite

If you are one of those looking for a fool proof, convenient and totally automated and dependable billing software then you must certainly try and incorporate the Advanced Contract Billing Suite in your entire software solutions. It has quite a few benefits and here are a few that are worth being looked at.

For any small and medium sales, manufacturing or service oriented enterprises, billing and consolidating the entire billing process is indeed a big pain. This can easily be taken care of by going in for this add-on solution from Microsoft Dynamics. Reporting on sales and revenue generation based on such billing systems is again a complex issue and many entrepreneurs break their head to find out a tool where accurate and seamless consolidation and information generation is possible. It is here that one could try this software solution. It certainly has a lot of other benefits and is considered to be one of the top 3 Microsoft dynamics add ons that one could implement.

Fast Tools For Microsoft Dynamics

Auditing, compliance reporting and having processes and checks and balances in place is another big headache for many small and medium enterprises. In a totally automated environment, there is a need to always have a strong check on access policies, segregation of duties based on risk elements just to name a few.

This is a highly complex and complicated task. Those who have opted for fast tools for Microsoft dynamics have reason to feel satisfied about this add-on tool because of some obvious benefits. It is unique and different in more ways than one because it is perhaps one of the few ERP solutions that manage all aspects of security from the active directory. It totally takes control of the entire user change, new user definition, termination and other such aspect of various consoles and terminuses. Whenever a user is deleted in the Admin, the user is also automatically deleted making it virtually fool proof and tamper proof. Last but not the least, it ensures the best in terms of complete audit trail, making implementation of control and monitoring systems very easy and manageable.

E-Store Solution Stack

Doing business today without being present on the internet is becoming quite difficult. For all those who have a strong e-commerce presence, it certainly makes a lot of sense to go in for the much talked about and high performing e-store solution stack. It has many unique and state-of-the art facilities and features and here are a few that are worth being closely looked at. With this software you can be sure that all the orders will flow to the website with zero manual intervention.

This goes a long way in increasing efficiency and productivity quite significantly. Double entry errors will be a thing of the past with this software. It is also a very highly efficient mobile ready web store which can be activated when it is needed. It also boasts of a superb and highly proven fast and secure payment processing which complies with the guidelines laid down by various banks and financial authorities. It has some of the richest shopping cart facilities. The most important part is that it is very user friendly and therefore highly popular.


These are just a few important add ons that one could try out. In fact it would not be possible to list down all the Microsoft Dynamics add ons because the list is quite huge and the best way would be to look at each of them on the internet.

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