4 Tips to Makeover your Dynamics Employee Training Method

Does your training program for getting your employees onboard Microsoft Dynamics CRM need a makeover? In order for your business to succeed in the long run, you need to make your work environment appeal to the new generation entering the workplace – Millennials. Getting the Millennial workforce motivated requires effective training customized to the strengths of the younger generation.

Why adapt Dynamics training for Millennials? Millennials think differently than previous generations. Forbes Magazine reports that approximately 74% of employees believe that Millennials offer completely different skills that add benefit workplace. Millennials are typically tech-savvy and prefer working independently.

The following article outlines 4 tips to help improve training and increase productivity in order to harness the skill set of Millennials on the Dynamics platform.

Tip #1: Demonstrate the Importance of Dynamics Training

Millennials want to understand the reason behind what they do. In order to get them motivated about Dynamics training, a company needs to demonstrate the importance of training. Establish a connection between what they learn in training with succeeding in the workplace.

Tip #2: Evaluate Effective of Dynamics Training

Measuring the effectiveness of Dynamics training will help make improvements and breed better employees. Monitor performance before, during, and after to track employee progress. Compare the outcome with original training goals to see what information employees learned. Use this analysis to pinpoint which parts of training work and which do not.

Millennials feel comfortable talking about their opinions, making it easy to gauge the effectiveness of training. Companies can gather staff feedback either individually or as a group.


Tip #3: Incorporate Dynamics Training Tools

Millennials prefer training that incorporates new technology help in staff training programs. Interactive online guidance and engagement tools train employees how to use software programs. WalkMe is a tool that works specifically with Microsoft Dyanmics CRM that works by providing step-by-step instructions as employees learn a new website or application. The days of giving employees folders with desk instructions have ended. Millennials prefer training online with user friendly interface.

Tip #4: Increase Knowledge Retention with Personalized Training

Personalized training ensures that employees receive training relevant to their position. This avoids overwhelming staff with superfluous information which they will forget anyway. Customized training will also keep Millennials engaged.

Supplement Dynamics training with appropriate toolsets to ensure maximum adoption among Millennials. Companies will benefit in the long run from well-trained and motivated employees, ensuring long-term stability.

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Michael is the Lead Author & Editor of DynaMe. DynaMe is a blog focused on cloud based Microsoft Dynamics.