5 Killer Apps in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace That’ll Make You Jump for Joy

Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, renamed CRM App Store, can radically change the way your business or company work. Through the use of Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace applications, you can build stronger relationships with your clients and ensure their satisfaction. The applications give you the ability to continue moving your business. All it takes is a simple, quick search to find and apply industry-specific applications built by Microsoft and its partners.

Of course, it is daunting to log on and start aimlessly searching. So in an effort to get you started, here are the 5 amazing apps that you should know about.

1.¬†Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace’s¬†SOFT4RealEstate

This is a great app for commercial property management companies that own or manage retails, office, or industrial properties.

Key Features & Benefits

– Track and manage lease information

– Manage your potential and existing customers

– Control Common Area Maintenance fees

– Visual tracking and management of vacant/occupied spaces

– Reduce operational costs

– Maximize occupancy levels and manage your tenants efficiently

– Enjoy the benefits of software that manages accounting, documents, management, and reporting tools solution, all in one place!


2. Atlus Dynamics ERP for Public Sector, powered by Dynamics NAV

This is a great app for non-profit and public sector organizations.

Key Features & Benefits

– Provides software solutions for non-profits, higher education, government, and much more!

– Software solutions provided for accounting, HR, and Payroll in the entities mentioned above

– Reduces administrative burden

– Enhances employee productivity and satisfaction

– Helps you focus on the central purpose of your organization


3. contractERP (r)

This is a great app for distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and installers of building product, materials, or commercial equipment.

Key Features & Benefits

– Contract management with real-time visibility into every transaction associated with the contract

– Material delivery, purchasing, and shop floor schedule management

– Accurate handling of standard and non-standard inventory

– Complex billing models

– Meets the needs of everyone in the organization, including owners, general managers, and project managers


4. E-Ship

This app is great for businesses that ship their products abroad.

Key Features & Benefits

– Can operate multiple warehouses and shipping points from a consolidated ERP system

– Captures package level detail

– Increases shipping accuracy by scanning items and comparing them to the sales order or picking document

– E-Ship supports the popular package carriers such as UPS, FedEx, etc.


5. DrinkMaster

This is a great app for companies in the beverage industry.

Key Features & Benefits

– Provides different components for cash desk, link to bookkeeping, access to all customer data, and processing of empty bottles

– Allows for management reports, accurate price and margin management, and is easier to delegate work

– Offers reminders for outstanding invoices, credit limits, and efficient invoicing


Remember these are only 5 apps out of the hundreds more that your business can use to maximize productivity and strengthen relationships with customers. Another huge plus is that there are applications to serve all different types of businesses, as can be seen above. It is certainly worth your time to take a look at Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace to discover if it is right for your business.

Michael is the Lead Author & Editor of DynaMe. DynaMe is a blog focused on cloud based Microsoft Dynamics.