5 Tools For Easy Cloud Dynamics Adoption

Businesses depend on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions to enhance customer engagement by simplifying operations, adjusting to a growing business, and accelerating productivity. Yet, the process of transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics comes with its challenges. Businesses must adapt to the transition while still keeping pace with competitors. Fortunately, many tools exist that make this possible.


1. WalkMe

WalkMe provides an online guidance and engagement platform that walks users through learning a new software, such as Microsoft Dynamics. The program works in real-time so that users can learn Cloud Dynamics as they begin to use it. WalkMe promotes self-service and speeds up training and adoption. WalkMe proves especially useful in an office environment to help introduce a new software to a number of users with different skill sets.


2. RiverMeadow

A business that plans to adopt Cloud Dynamics will need to transfer information from their old system to the new one. Luckily, they don’t need to do it manually. RiverMeadow Cloud Migration makes it easier for a business to migrate their previous system onto Cloud Dynamics by automating the process. RiverMeadow securely transfers and deposits data from the old system without disrupting the source server.


3. Secure-24

Secure-24 offers IT management solutions for a wide range of industries. For example, distribution manufacturing enterprises rely on Secure-24 because it provides an agile IT infrastructure that adapts to an evolving market. Secure-24 transfers data from ERP applications to Microsoft Dynamics. It also automatically coordinates hundreds of data points.


4. Symplified Identity Management (SIM) and SinglePoint

Symplified Identity Management (SIM) and SinglePoint provide a toolset that automatically handles web-based identity and password authentication. SIM oversees identity for Cloud Dynamic users. Then SinglePoint uses an “identity router” to migrate and store all users and their passwords on the Dynamics system.


5. Fastpath

Switching to Microsoft Dynamics can bring on a number of new management responsibilities. Fastpath provides a comprehensive suite of tools that handles security and audit compliance for Microsoft Dynamics. The Fastpath add-on manages the segregation of duties, tracks changes in the system, and manages user and password security. Fastpath helps manage who has access to which files, who made changes to files, and identifies security risks. The one-stop-shop management solution makes moving to Cloud Dynamics more efficient and effective


The transition process of switching to Microsoft Dynamics may interrupt work and productivity. However, using the right tools can simplify the transition so your business can benefit from Cloud Dynamics as soon as possible.

Michael is the Lead Author & Editor of DynaMe. DynaMe is a blog focused on cloud based Microsoft Dynamics.