5 Ways to Improve Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics Ax Training

Productivity is all about having the correct process for your workflow. Every one of your employees needs to optimize their workflow correctly, and in the same way, to get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics Ax.  Below are five sweet tips on how Microsoft Dynamics Ax training can improve productivity.


Tip #1: Cortana is the new Siri

The most important tip is to use the “Task Guide” feature, a built-in tutorial that is easy and straightforward.  The task guide uses visual cues as it takes the user step by step through each process.  This feature can be easily accessed, especially through Cortana integration, which enables the application to run by voice command.  For instance, the user may say “set up a delivery schedule.”  The system will find the correct task guide.

Cortana keeps track of everything recorded in your account for the program, telling you what is missing and brings your data whether stored in Office, whether it be Word or Excel, whether in-house or on the cloud together to analyze and provide a more efficient solution.  This allows even inexperienced new users to access features they will need to utilize the program simply.


Tip #2: Personalizing your “Workspace”

Workspace collects all the information you need that is inputted into the system to tackle complicated tasks and processes.  This is an important tip for users who prefer to customize their workflow to their specific role in the organization.  In addition, the user can simultaneously view and access multiple windows which further boosts productivity.


Tip #3: “Hello, you’ve reached the Role Center.”

Role Centers can be accessed through Dynamics AX, and allows employees to get information tailored to their job-specific needs with ease.  It presents job-centered information which assists the employee in prioritizing work tasks and focusing on the most pertinent information needed to complete the task more efficiently.  It is easy to personalize and reset based on work preferences and needs.  Role Centers can present information from other applications needed to complete your tasks such as your document library, websites, and financial reporting.


Tip #4:  “Check your Notifica—I mean your ‘Unified Work Lists’”

This feature is extremely helpful in Microsoft Dynamics Ax training.  It creates reference lists that requires employee attention, including providing alerts and notices of changes enabling employees to prioritize work based on day to day or minute to minute changes.   Alerts can be configured, and appear in pop-up windows of e-mails in Outlook, in role centers or in enterprise portals in Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Tip #5: Task Recorder is Convenient for Connectivity During Microsoft Dynamics Ax Training

When in use, the recorder tracks and records tasks in the given business process.  Because Microsoft Dynamics AX is compatible with other Microsoft programs used by your employees including Microsoft Office 365, it enables the coordination of various departments and functions to enable tasks to be accomplished in a more efficient and productive way.

Microsoft Dynamics Ax provides several different and unique features to increase efficiency and productivity.  They are easily accessible and easy to learn. With these tips, you are well on your way to success.

Michael is the Lead Author & Editor of DynaMe. DynaMe is a blog focused on cloud based Microsoft Dynamics.