5 Killer Apps in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace That’ll Make You Jump for Joy

Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, renamed CRM App Store, can radically change the way your business or company work. Through the use of Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace applications, you can build stronger relationships with your clients and ensure their satisfaction. The applications give you the ability to continue moving your business. All it takes is a simple, quick

5 Efficient MS Dynamics Onboarding Techniques

In the North American market, a recent study estimates that more than half of all CRM implementations fail to meet their objectives. –CRMsolution.com. This surprisingly high failure rate can be attributed to inefficient training programs. You’ve found an excellent new employee. They are smart, skilled, and ready to make an impact on your business. You’ve

Microsoft Dynamics Monthly Roundup

This month’s best Microsoft Dynamics articles focus on how several businesses are finding innovation and gradual improvement by transitioning to that CRM solution. There are several key takeaways that any interested CRM managers can attain from these articles. Hope you’ll find it useful!   20 Top Customer Focused Takeaways from CRM Evolution Coming straight out

WalkMe at Microsoft Convergence 2015

Microsoft Convergence, taking place March 16-19 in Atlanta, is the place where leaders gather to explore, share and experience  new Microsoft innovations, get insights and fresh perspectives, and interact with experts and peers. Microsoft and its partners companies, Microsoft solution support provides, and other leading technology companies all “converge” in one place. We would like to

The Complete Microsoft Dynamics Accounting Guide

For over two and a half decades, Microsoft Dynamics Accounting has consistently delivered the easy to implement and use business management solution through its Microsoft Dynamics GP, which powers and drives a wide range of small and mid-sized organizations globally. From financials and HR management to operations and manufacturing, Great Plains (as it is formerly

Microsoft Dynamics Architecture – Extensive Overview

Microsoft Dynamics Architecture is multi-tenant: multiple organizations or businesses can be hosted on the Dynamics CRM server. The platform forms the core of the Dynamics CRM system; and using the Dynamics CRM SDK means you’re building on top of the system. This is because Dynamics CRM platform supports smaller deployments, capable of scaling for application

What is Microsoft Dynamics POS?

Microsoft Dynamics POS (Point of Sale) is retail software specially designed for independent single-store retailers. It streamlines inventory management and reporting, automating transaction processing from start to finish, whist keeping track of customer information and maintaining detailed customer transaction histories. Today, success in retail is defined by the functions performed by point of sale store

Microsoft Dynamics Reporting- Best Practices

There are many great things that can be learned from the Microsoft Dynamics reporting system. Many business owners want to use the Microsoft Dynamics for managing their business easily. This business solution can be used to integrate several great applications, including the customer relationship management or CRM software, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, supply chain