5 Ways to Improve Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics Ax Training

Productivity is all about having the correct process for your workflow. Every one of your employees needs to optimize their workflow correctly, and in the same way, to get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics Ax.  Below are five sweet tips on how Microsoft Dynamics Ax training can improve productivity.   Tip #1: Cortana is

5 Tools For Easy Cloud Dynamics Adoption

Businesses depend on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions to enhance customer engagement by simplifying operations, adjusting to a growing business, and accelerating productivity. Yet, the process of transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics comes with its challenges. Businesses must adapt to the transition while still keeping pace with competitors. Fortunately, many tools exist that make this

4 Tips to Makeover your Dynamics Employee Training Method

Does your training program for getting your employees onboard Microsoft Dynamics CRM need a makeover? In order for your business to succeed in the long run, you need to make your work environment appeal to the new generation entering the workplace – Millennials. Getting the Millennial workforce motivated requires effective training customized to the strengths

The Missing Link between Dynamics CRM 2016 and Apple’s Big Event Last Week

Many of you might have been surprised to see Microsoft being called on to the main stage at the biggest event of the year by Apple last week on Wednesday. “Yeah, these guys know productivity,” said Phil Schiller of Apple to the astonished crowd. “Productivity” is certainly what Microsoft is perusing with a passion these

Microsoft GP Integration Tools to Know

Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration is a powerful feature of the Microsoft Dynamics GP with the ability to seamlessly integrate data from external sources into GP (Great Plains). Microsoft have perfected the art of offering technology solutions, and a number of ISVs have taken advantage of this to offer tools with sophisticated front-ends. Microsoft GP Integration