Understanding Dynamics Document Management

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to store your documents and manage them from within Dynamics CRM using the Dynamics document management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint. By integrating Dynamics CRM with SharePoint, you can be able to access, share, and even collaborate more effectively and protect your documents in SharePoint from any unauthorized access and/or use. You

Microsoft Unveils Dynamics CRM 2015 – Let’s Look at What’s New

By: Michael @wCRMblog Taylor Earlier in the month Microsoft released general availability of Dynamics CRM 2015  and an Update of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. Microsoft made advancements in CRM 2015 across marketing, sales and service in a way that the company hopes will make collaboration between roles intuitive. Microsoft also introduced the sales collaboration panel. New capabilities have been

Extensive Microsoft Dynamics Database Guide

Dynamics CRM data is stored in a Microsoft Dynamics database. Reports access this data through several filtered views included in the Dynamics CRM. The data is filtered by these views based on the user’s Dynamics CRM security role. Extensive Microsoft Dynamics Database Guide Object Schemas To locate schema information on any filtered view, attribute, or

How to Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Each organization works in a unique manner and must customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to suit their business. While some organizations have instituted clearly defined business processes applied through Microsoft Dynamics CRM, many others are unhappy with their existing business processes and are now using CRM to help them apply new data and processes to improve

Microsoft Dynamics CRM VS SugarCRM – It’s a Battle!

Users who would like to compare Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs SugarCRM have to consider a number of factors. These factors are used to determine how well the Customer Relationships Management system is able to serve its purpose. The comparison will help users to choose the CRM that is ideal for their business or company. Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Gets Voice and Ears with Cortana

Microsoft announced recently that the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 release will be generally available in December 2014. New capabilities in this release, showcased on Tuesday, include advancements in natural user interface and integration with Cortana, the intelligent personal assistant. With Cortana, users will be able to set up meetings and reminders; search for contacts,

Microsoft Dynamics Magento Integration Guide

The Microsoft Dynamics Magento integration will help you to get rid of repetitive data entry of the employees, fix any possible error and limit the time to accomplish certain activities. The integration will technically help to make the process of data management easier. Magento is a robust platform that helps greatly in eCommerce. However, the

Microsoft Dynamics VS Salesforce

Many businesses are often faced with a dilemma when they have to make a choice concerning Microsoft Dynamics vs Salesforce. Cloud technology is increasingly becoming more prominent in the technological world and many businesses are seeking to invest their time and money in cloud-based CRM offerings, regardless of whether they already have a CRM application