Microsoft Dynamics Business Portal – Features and Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics Business Portal integrates seamlessly with Dynamics TM GP and other similar applications to deliver applications, processes, and information to partners, customers and employees across the organization to enable them perform their jobs much more effectively and efficiently by helping them make smarter decisions. It also unlocks business potential and enhances productivity by offering

The Checklist to a Successful Dynamics CRM 2015 Adoption

* This article is part of a White Paper called  “The Migration Survival Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015” – A successful Dynamics CRM 2015 adoption hinges on a number of criteria and best practices. Even though the changes it brings are not disruptive or cataclysmic, the features have matured considerably and many obsolete provisions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM VS SugarCRM – It’s a Battle!

Users who would like to compare Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs SugarCRM have to consider a number of factors. These factors are used to determine how well the Customer Relationships Management system is able to serve its purpose. The comparison will help users to choose the CRM that is ideal for their business or company. Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Gets Voice and Ears with Cortana

Microsoft announced recently that the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 release will be generally available in December 2014. New capabilities in this release, showcased on Tuesday, include advancements in natural user interface and integration with Cortana, the intelligent personal assistant. With Cortana, users will be able to set up meetings and reminders; search for contacts,

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration Guide

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration can help administrators and key decision makers explore other services such as Office 365. Integrating Dynamics CRM Online with Office 365, for example, has become increasingly relevant to CRM Online users because management of Dynamics CRM Online transitions to the Microsoft online services environment. For those who haven’t transitioned yet, you

Dynamics CRM Workflow – Best Practices

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow is driven by a study engine that provides the much-needed powerful functionality for implementing personalized business logic in a typical CRM deployment. Meanwhile, it also exposes itself to complicated problems and design errors that can cause expensive maintenance, leaving behind a group of confused users. However, there are crucial considerations