How to Get the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics BI

Microsoft Dynamics BI (Business Intelligence) provides business intelligence, analytics, and reporting features suitable for not only companies with more market share, but also for smaller companies, regardless of the nature of business they operate in. Most importantly, these solutions are meant for people, interacting and connecting with each other.

As a company, you need to take advantage of these tools Microsoft Dynamics BI offers and improve the performance of various departments. You will have a vast wealth of business intelligence for making informed decisions – presented through insightful, easily comprehensible dashboard reports – equipping you well enough to outperform your competition.

Getting the Most of Out of Microsoft Dynamics BI

Business intelligence transforms information into action via collection and analysis of data, and monitoring and forecasting to identify the “not so obvious” opportunities, while at the same time minimizing risk and improving management insight. Through its flexible and innovative solutions, Microsoft is highly committed to delivering top-notch processes and technology that your company needs most to strengthen its business core, including sales, service, marketing, social, financials, supply chain management, human resources, projects, and many others.


Today’s customer is more sophisticated than ever; she has access to an ocean of information available over the internet and other sources. She is also more specific in what she wants and has less patience. She makes buying decisions mostly before you can even engage. Therefore, sales must adapt to this new customer journey. Now more than ever, sales teams need tools that they can easily work with or are at least familiar with. They should also be intuitive, and can easily adopt to assist them to increase their efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics helps you work across teams, workgroups, and geographical locations.

Ubiquitous Service

Despite your customers being everywhere, you have no excuse for not serving them better. Therefore, you need to be everywhere too. Leverage on Microsoft Dynamics BI to provide not only responsive, but also effective and relevant service – any place, any time, and on any device or gadget. This solution can help you inspire customer loyalty, drive service resolution, and empower agents. You will also be able to the following:

  • Engage customers effectively through their channel of choice across the web, chat, social, and mobile, with fully integrated multiservice capabilities
  • With a single unified tool, your employees will be inspired to deliver fast , world-class customer service with the “Unified Customer Desk”
  • Using a powerful Knowledge Base, you will be able to reduce service response times, increase customer self-service, and improve case resolution
  •  Manage customer entitlements, including service level agreements (SLAs), and even exceed them where possible
  •  In today’s business environment, speed is crucial. Empower your teams to move swiftly to meet the modern customer’s expectations.

Bringing your Marketing Vision to Life

Today’s marketers should have the ability to plan, execute, and consequently measure campaigns with ease, right from start to finish. Use Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to help your company engage customers as you implement your marketing vision. This tool will help greatly reduce your time to market, improving brand consistency. This is only possible with deep customer insights that will help you plan well and execute competently. Make your ad campaigns less complex to focus on delivering great customer experiences at scale. Get to know how your customers are engaged, with advanced lead scoring and behavioral data to drive sales impact.

Microsoft Social Listening

The social capabilities include: 

  •  Use Microsoft Social Listening to turn sentiment into opportunity. Monitor your brand presence and track your strategic initiatives across customer service, marketing, and sales. With today’s technology, engage customers on any channel, and offer them a service on their own terms. Caring everywhere will create loyal customers for life.

Clear Data Presentation

Use Microsoft Dynamics BI to see, in real time, all the critical indicators presenting what is going on in the workplace. With the details that Microsoft Dynamics offers, you will be able to recognize opportunities and capitalize on them. Use Microsoft Dynamics BI to identify how inventory stacks up and where your sales are headed. Use predicted trends to avoid pitfalls. You also need to react promptly to profit projections and determine when it is right to add products and services.

Personalized Dashboard

With role-tailored, personalized dashboards specially designed for individual jobs, people can get the relevant information they need. This typically puts the data that you require at your fingertips, allowing you to send insights and information to the devices you use daily. This way, you will be able to make smarter decisions faster.

Streamline Processes and Enhance Business Insight

Optimize purchasing processes, improve asset management, shorten your shipping time and track inventory, control your costs, and streamline your end-to-end business processes. Role-specific business intelligence and enhanced reporting capabilities turn insight into action, allow you to anticipate opportunities and address issues proactively as they arise.

In today’s competitive business environments, success depends so much on empowering everyone in your company or organization – from individuals to teams, groups, and even executives – with easily accessible (self-service) business information. As an end-to-end business management and analysis solution built on the firm Microsoft technology stack to solve today’s business intelligence challenges, the solution comes with integrated tools, customer BI access, analysis capabilities, flexible viewing and scalability for tomorrow’s growth.


Both large and small companies need business intelligence regardless of the type of business they run. This is because the solutions connect people and help employees – from individuals to company executives – make informed decisions. Microsoft Dynamics business intelligence provides actionable information via data gathering and analysis, and monitoring and forecasting to identify hidden opportunities.

Gathering insight on business core, such as sales, service, marketing, social, financials, projects, human resources, and much more, BI can help strengthen the core and improve efficiency. It’s role-tailored, personalized dashboards is specially designed for individual jobs offer relevant, easily accessible information to people. With data put in your hand – literally – you can send insights and information to the devices you use daily, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics BI helps streamline business processes and turn insight into action, anticipating opportunities and addressing issues of concern as they arise.

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