How to Prevent Your Co-Workers from “Rejecting” Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As a company, the last thing you want is for your CRM to be “rejected” by your staff. This happens when employees become fed up or frustrating with the service and decide not to use it. It’s a very real issue that many companies face, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. If you can win co-workers over and keep them ‘on your side’, you will be able to see the benefits for years to come.

Here’s how you can ensure employees adapt and master Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

#1 Be the First to Tell Everyone 

People don’t really like surprises, and changing the CRM on someone or introducing CRM for the first time can be one of the biggest surprises of all. Co-workers can feel overwhelmed by all of the changes, and that’s why you can soften the blow. By letting everyone know what’s happening and when you expect it, you are able to regain everyone’s confidence and provide them with ample time to not only understand why the changes are necessary, but how you plan to make their lives better.

Don’t assume that everyone will be as patient with the software as you want them to be. Give them ample time to be prepared.

#2 Exude Confidence

No matter how great your software is, nobody will be convinced about it if you don’t believe in it yourself. You need to make your teams believe that this is truly a step in the right direction and that you stand behind the software. If you are skeptical of what Microsoft Dynamics CRM has to offer, how could you expect your co-workers to jump on board? Be confident in the fact that this CRM is the next step forward for the industry and everyone else will follow you.

#3 Show Relevant Examples 

It doesn’t take a lot of effort for someone to show a video or slideshow about features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but that’s not going to win your teams over. Provide everyone with real-world situations that they can understand and get excited about. Team members will be able to see how their workload is affected, and that’s something they care about. Showing your mastery of the new tools also gives you the opportunity to answer questions and provide real data and results.

#4 Give People the Answers They Need

No matter how great your software is, you’ll never be able to make it very far if you don’t have the proper teams supporting it. Take the time to not only inform your employees, but train them for everything so that they can provide the same level of service without slowing down their daily tasks. Having the right knowledge can boost the confidence of your teams and prevent any slowdown during the transitional phase.

#5 Provide Guidance

This next bit of advice can be directed to your customers as well as your workforce, but you should create walkthroughs for everyone to explore the CRM. There are plenty of different digital guidance systems that inform and educate, and that freedom can enhance learning tremendously. Tools like WalkMe are some of the best in the industry, and their flexibility ensures that you’ll be able to use it on any site and for any skill level.

Don’t Lose Co-workers Due to CRM

Whether you are starting something from the ground up or need to update your current system, be sure that you take the necessary steps to keep your teams happy and excited. Take advantage of the situation and educate everyone with tools like WalkMe so that you never have to worry about anyone rejecting your CRM.



Michael is the Lead Author & Editor of DynaMe. DynaMe is a blog focused on cloud based Microsoft Dynamics.