Microsoft Dynamics Blogs to Know

There are various Microsoft Dynamics blogs to help Microsoft product users stay up to date on new happenings in the Microsoft dynamics world. The blogs are the best way for users to make good decisions when it comes to the frequently changing Microsoft software.

Microsoft Dynamics Blogs to Know

Wipfli’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog

This is one of the popular blogs for Microsoft dynamics and its main purpose is to carry on building and supporting the Dynamics CRM ecosystem which also includes Microsoft Technology Stack Customers and Dynamics CRM, prospects and all the other Dynamics CRM users and potential users. The blog is able to share vital eye-openers on Dynamics CRM which includes, the product news, best practices, announcements, ideas, helpful how-tos and so on. They not only share these eye-openers on Dynamics CRM but they also explain how they might be helpful for businesses and help them best meet their objectives and any short-term tactical needs. They also help many business owners get down to serious thinking on ways that they can make their services better.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog

This blog is perfect for business owners to find technical and non-technical information concerning Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The information is usually very accurate and helpful because it is written by a large group of NAV team members from different groups and disciplines. It provides detailed help about the product and information on standard support channels. Users are able to comment or raise questions about any blog post or simply give feedback on other products or topics that interest them.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog

Although this blog is technically managed and run by the Microsoft Dynamic GP management and marketing team, the truth is, it really belongs to everyone who is officially part of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Community. Users are able to get the inside scoop straight from the product’s marketing team. All their questions can be answered and their concerns can be addressed. New ideas can be shared among users to enhance the product experience.

ERP Software Blog

Like the others, the ERP software blog provides support, advice to users, cost analysis and even the exact price of any Microsoft accounting software. It also provides the price of Microsoft Dynamics GP, a quote system that is often times very helpful to new users of the product especially when it comes to budgeting needs.

There are more Microsoft Dynamics blogs, but the above are the popular few. However, they all serve the product users and have been very helpful so far. Other blogs do not necessarily belong to the company, but are just personal user blogs who form a forum to air their views about their products.

These blog communities are also becoming popular and users are able to make better decisions about the Microsoft products after reading from users who have actually bought the product. They are also able to avoid common mistakes and make the best out of the Microsoft products. Blogs will always be an integral part of the online arena and Microsoft Dynamics bogs have more than proved this.

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