Microsoft Dynamics Books to Know

Microsoft Dynamics Books present users and developers with useful information they need to learn and develop applications respectively. An individual must have solid background information in order to assume any consulting or training roles for customers and peers/fellow professionals.These books also provide insights that are helpful in dealing with Microsoft applications.

Microsoft Dynamics Books to Know

1. Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 by David A. Studebaker and his partner Christopher D. Studebaker

David Studebaker co-founded Liberty Grove Software together with his dedicated partner Karen Studebaker. Ideally, Liberty Grove Software is a Microsoft Partner that provides development, training, consulting, and upgrade services globally for Dynamics NAV end user customers and resellers.

On the other hand, Christopher Studebaker is a NAV Developer and Implementer with 12 years experience in the NAV design, development, implementation, and sale of the NAV environments, including the SQL Server. He specializes in job shop, retail, manufacturing, as well as distribution implementations, most of which in high user-count/data volume applications. He has worked on several NAV implementations, including integrations to various external databases and even third party add-on apps and products.

This book will help you to:

  •  Grasp fundamental programming and critical design concepts
  •  Get to learn the C programming language, including several built-in functions
  •  Learn how to present and deliver great, highly interactive user data successfully, including convenient methods useful in extracting NAV data
  • Discover how to sharpen your skills so that you can double your productivity

NAV 2013 is a robust ERP system accompanied by fully functional array of development tools. This book will teach you to master set of tools and enable you tailor NAV 2013 in a suitable way to meet specific business needs of your customers.

Programming Dynamics NAV 2013 guides you (step-by-step) from beginning to the end, as you learn to utilize this wonderful ERP software while at the same time turning you into a more productive and skilled developer. It will teach you how to implement solutions, including evaluation, management, and appraisal of Dynamics NAV 2013 projects and productions.

This book will empower you with skills and knowledge necessary to do the job and exceed customer’s expectations. As you learn to utilize NAV, you will also fully comprehend C/AL programming language, including the construction and various uses of every object type. In the long run, you will manage to bring together your NAV 2013 with much more efficiency.


To properly utilize or take advantage of the Dynamics NAV 2013 and its full potential, follow the step-by-step guide – in this book – designed to act as a comprehensive reference. Any NAV developer, consultant, or manager will find this book the perfect companion.

Who it is perfect for?

This book perfectly suits that experienced programmer who may either be new to Dynamics NAV or familiar with the NAV but just want to good use of the amazing added features of NAV 2013. Consultants and managers will also greatly benefit from familiarizing themselves with NAV environments to improve their skills, as well as programming experience as they develop projects.

2. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Financial Management by Mohamed Aamer

As a Microsoft Dynamics AX support Engineer (within EMEA region working with Microsoft, Egypt), Mohamed Aamer received a Microsoft AX MVP award in 2013 (the first Dynamics AX, not only in the Middle East region, but also in the whole of Africa). He takes his time to understand client business cycles and focuses on implementing AX to match customers’ needs to solve their business problems via a combination of efficient business process re-engineering, as well as usage of application functionalities

How this book will help you

  • You can examine the business logic entailed in Microsoft AX functionality, set up, as well as configure the core modules that are key in financial management.
  • Witness the impact of control points, especially on daily transactions
  • Carefully plan and properly execute a migration of opening balances
  • Utilize the inventory costing mechanism
  • Comprehend the key business needs useful in financial dimensions, analysis, and reporting.


Apart from being a practical, hands-on guidebook, that extensively covers both the fundamental as well as advanced concepts of financial management with Microsoft Dynamics AX, this book also helps various key individuals as you about to realize.

Who will find this Microsoft Dynamics Book useful?

It is useful for Microsoft Dynamics AX application consultants, solution architects, pre-technical sales consultants, support engineers, and project managers particularly on the partner side. Others who will find this book useful include chief financial officers, key users, business analysts, accounting managers, financial controllers, and chief information officers particularly on the customer side.

3. Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Book (PRO-Developer) by Mike Snyder and Jim Steger

Mike Snyder and Jim Steger are the authors of this book. They are not only co-founders, but also principals at Sonoma Partners. After starting a consulting firm that specializes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations, Mike and Jim have both been acknowledged as Microsoft MVPs especially for their invaluable contributions around Microsoft Dynamics community.

This book not only introduces Microsoft Dynamics CRM (practically) in a value-packed CRM solution for both small and mid-sized businesses, but also features added workflow management capabilities. Moreover, it can be rendered as an on-demand service via the popular Microsoft Office Live.

Contained topics include new functionality development, design implementations, Microsoft CRM integration with other business apps, products and technologies. Therefore, it is one of the books specially written for developers, as well as those charged with implementation of business solutions.


These Microsoft Dynamics Books are authored by experienced practitioners and provide toolsets, case studies, and integration, as well as performance guidelines that work together to help you create practical business solutions. Some of them also explain how to maintain various Microsoft Dynamics applications – a subject of interest to many IT professionals out there who support Dynamics user. Moreover, power users can also learn to customize various Microsoft Dynamics experiences.

Regardless of whether you are a developer new to Dynamics or an advanced developer wishing to build more specialized skills, these books can be very helpful. Just find one or two Microsoft Dynamics books that are relevant to your goals or objectives and take some time to study them to enhance your use of this powerful tool.

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