Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Recap

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence is an annual event that brings all the Microsoft business people together to connect, exchange ideas and celebrate all the Microsoft achievements of that year. They also learn a lot from the Microsoft Company and each other as well as witness the unveiling of new Microsoft features and updates. They get the chance to ask the Microsoft delegates any question and get answers from the experts. Not only do they meet their competition and interact, they also learn new ways to stay ahead.

Every year Microsoft Dynamics Convergence takes place in a different city and 2014 was held in Atlanta, Georgia in March 4 to 7th.Atlanta is very big and it’s a fun state for the event and also for tourism so people really enjoyed. This is just a recap of what happened in this year’s convergence:

1. There were demonstrations and theater presentations by experts of how to use the new releases by Microsoft and how they will benefit you. They also did a road map of those products and their value.

2. Microsoft executives and big international business men talked to the people about where Microsoft products and the market are and where it’s expected to be next year.

3. Apart from benefiting their personal businesses, the attendees of the convergence got to volunteer for an outreach program to the host city where they went around informing people and impacting people’s lives courtesy of Microsoft. They also got to hear about the impact that the community outreach is having on people and the economy.

4. There was an award giving ceremony also known as the customer excellence awards to recognize and celebrate those few organizations all over the world that are making a difference with Microsoft solutions. There was a long list of companies that were awarded in the ceremony and they were really proud.

5. All attendees got to mingle with partners all over the world and make friends and connections over lunch and breakfast as well as meeting the Microsoft executives who took time to get one on one with people. Their closing celebration was mega to say the least and it went all evening where people got to continue forming networks.

6. There were testimonies from business people who have really benefited from Microsoft dynamics to serve as examples to new attendees. Partners also got to tell how they are using innovations to give Microsoft dynamics new value. Two great speakers were Arianna Huffington and Biz Stone who really opened people’s eyes with their visions.

Virtual Convergence

After the event, thousands of videos on everything that happened during the convergence were produced for people who were not able to attend physically. This is called virtual convergence and application is really easy. It’s also good because after you are done with the videos you can give them to your friends.

If you missed the first 2014 Microsoft Dynamics Convergence you still have a chance to attend the next one in November which will be in Europe and if this recap is anything to go by, then it’s going to be much better and bigger.

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