Microsoft Dynamics ERP Review

Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is one of the six products that constitute the Microsoft Dynamics family. This product also encompasses Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, NAV and SL. Great Plains Software is responsible for designing several versions of this product. Great Plains versions 5.5, 6.0, 7.0 and 7.5 are all available for both pervasive Ctree. Microsoft Great Plains version 8.0 is also available on Microsoft SQL Server/Microsoft DE platform only. The advanced version, Microsoft Great Plains 9.0 is available in countries that use English as the official language. These include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Users in South East Asia as well as Latin America can also get this product as well.

Microsoft AX

This was previously called Axtapa until the take- over by Microsoft. The company subsequently released the new version which they named Microsoft Dynamics AX. This product is ideal for companies that have a number of divisions which operate in areas where compliance business processes as well as best practice is mandatory. It can also be easily customized so as to adapt to business processes. The product is cost effective and has features that provide solutions for sales, finance, human resource and distribution. It also supports multi-currency and multi lingual-functions.

Microsoft GP

Another of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP, It was previously known as Great Plains; this adaptable ERP solution is ideal for mid-size companies. It has the ability to connect business processes across the organization as well as supporting unique business processes. It comes with adaptable applications to solves problems in supply chain management, finance, project accounting, distribution manufacturing and human resource. It also offers safe, high speed and flexible data integration and incorporation from any source.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This product features strong financial features and is the best tool for small as well as mid-sized companies for streamlining their specialized business processes that may be industry specific. It is easy to adapt and use and comes with NAV utilities and add on tools that aid database administrators and programmers to customize it conveniently and quickly according to the needs of the client. It also comes with complete functionality for finance, service, e-commerce and distribution. It has the role center that allows the user to customize the screen by getting rid of irrelevant information and fields so as to make it easier to comprehend and work.

Microsoft Dynamics SLĀ 

Just like the other Microsoft Dynamics ERP products, it is tailored for enterprises that are project based and distribution centric. It has project management and project accounting features that can be quite helpful to project based companies especially when it comes to managing their projects which may be located in different areas. It also has the project management option features materials for job cost, material planning, and service call material management in a bid to lower cost. For companies that engage in distribution, it offers features to help curb over as well as under inventory. Furthermore, these companies can their overall distribution costs through transport management and the streamlining of processes.

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