Microsoft Dynamics Sales Solution Overview

While customer relationship management (CRM) provides a platform that empowers the sales force, Dynamics CRM is a Microsoft Dynamics sales solution that allows your sales team to manage various selling processes across channels, devices, locations and departments, driving up productivity, increasing targeted sales and speeding up close rates. This enables sales reps to zero in and shift their focus on only the most impactful activities. In addition, social and team selling can make every customer conversation more meaningful, productive, relevant, and valuable. Real-time sales analytics will provide you with better insight, in-depth understanding, and pipeline confidence.

Today’s customers are sophisticated – they are more informed than before – often making buying decisions way before you can even engage. This poses a great challenge to your sales team, which must adapt to the new customer journey to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers, personalizing every single interaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you rethink sales around the new customer journey and lift the burden off your sales reps so that they can concentrate on value adding activities. By making every customer conversation more valuable, relevant, and productive, you can be able to sell when they are more informed and confident.

The Microsoft Dynamics sales solution provides users with an easy way to explore and experience Dynamics CRM and its powerful features. With a customized experience, you get an opportunity to empower your sales force to fully utilize Dynamics’ tools to increase productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics Sales Solution Overview

Benefits of Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as your Sales Solution

Learn how your sales representatives can work smarter, develop a proposal, qualify an opportunity, collaborate more effectively, and close deals on the go.

Get to watch a customer service manager in real action, driving resolution, while at the same time leveraging insight, leading a team, and increasing productivity.

The brand manager dashboard can be used to leverage brand assets and insightful marketing analytics – all in a single place

A social insights manager can easily take a quick social pulse, view data from any desired angle, and set up warnings to mitigate crises in time.

To keep attracting new customers, as well as retain the ones you already have, you need practical ways to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction. Dynamics CRM and CRM Online solutions make it easy to automate business processes that not only deliver excellent customer care experiences, but also ignite your sales and improve marketing impact. Build business capabilities, including customer care, loyalty management, and social media integration through easy-to-use systems that provide business insights, giving you a competitive edge.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution enables your business to:

  • Effectively manage data on potential customers/ sales prospects and customers
  • Manage customer care call center to be more productive
  • Drive customer loyalty via targeted campaigns
  • Gain valuable insight into sales opportunities and sales pipeline
  • Tap the available social media channels for the most current information
  • Effectively integrate CRM with another line of business application
  • Access and even update system information using multiple devices

What Makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM a Good Choice?

Whether your goal is to focus on customer care, sales productivity, or unique business solutions, Dynamics CRM leverages Microsoft Services’ unique deployment strategy to meet your requirements.

The sales solution can also provide an accurate assessment of your current/ existing customer relationship system to help you determine how migrating to a Dynamics CRM-based solution can be a wiser business investment for the future of your company.

Sales Productivity

This solution is integral in driving the success of sales and marketing force via effective sales management, marketing management, accounting management, partner management, knowledge management, and customer insight.

Customer Care

Designed to integrate solutions in scattered customer data and processes, the customer care solution will automate customer care processes and build customer satisfaction, as well as loyalty.

Extended CRM

This solution provides a unified technology comprising of server, database, and applications that have common, pre-integrated elements, as well as development tools that will ultimately help the effort invested in building business applications, that meet specific organizational needs, worthwhile.

Industry Focus

Among Microsoft Services’ offerings are industry-specific solutions including:

Financial Services: – With the help of Financial Services industry solutions, institutions can track business transactions, provide customer support, effectively manage customer accounts, and review analytics to help make sound business decisions.

Public Sector: – With the help of Public Sector industry solutions, government agencies can manage citizen relationships, service delivery, budgetary control, projects, and grants.

Solution Offerings

The solution-based approach is helpful, especially with specific aspects of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, right from earlier assessment and planning, to successful deployment and optimization. Four dynamics CRM offerings provide a framework for CRM implementations – with great success rate – based on specific business needs.

Decision Accelerator

Accurately assess the fit, performance, functionality, scalability, as well as the cost of deploying a solution aligned with your business goals and build a strategic business case Dynamics CRM that is based on informed investment decisions.


Easily achieve a predictable, timely, and on-budget Dynamics CRM implementation that is not only on-spec, but also offer a rapid ROI, helping you meet both current and future business-specific needs and requirements.


Your organization can benefit from an added layer of due diligence and a partner-led quality control for a Dynamics CRM deployment, helping you optimize implementation through architecture, design, customization, performance reviews and project governance oversight.


Get fast, effective upgrades of Dynamics CRM solutions via a set of consulting tools and services, including an upgrade assessment, as well as upgrade deployment solutions for your business.

Sure Step Methodology

Typically, Sure Step is simply a standardized methodology from the company Microsoft and includes a vast collection of templates, tools, and best practices to be used in virtually all phases of a Dynamics CRM implementation. Additionally, it offers a framework for envisioning your perceived solution and predictable and repeatable activities for consistent and successful delivery.


Today’s customer is sophisticated and will often make buying decisions before you get a chance to engage, as s/he is more equipped with information than ever before. Therefore, your sales force has no option but to adapt to the new customer journey. With Microsoft Dynamics sales solution, you can empower your sales team to have more meaningful, productive, relevant and valuable customer interaction and conversation, enabling them to sell when they are more informed and with much confidence.

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