Microsoft Dynamics SL Product Overview

Microsoft Dynamics SL is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software specially designed for project-focused organizations, wholesale distributors, and government contractors. Deployed as a cloud-hosted or on-premise solution, it provides business management solution to project-driven organizations in North America, letting people work anywhere and anytime they feel they are most productive.

Because it is quick and easy to implement, it has gained much popularity over the recent past, as many organizations increasingly prefer to use if due to its capability to support organization’s future growth. Project driven companies often require project-focused accounting, as traditional accounting and business management software and systems aren’t simply set up to effectively handle the unique requirements that project-based work often demand.

When powerfully integrated with Microsoft Office, SharePoint, CRM, and Project Server, it streamlines business processes, delivers useful insight, and seamlessly connects accounting and project management across various company locations and divisions. In streamlining business processes, it makes it easier to manage finances, projects, and people, while at the same time driving up profitability.

Both small and medium-sized businesses can greatly benefit from Microsoft Dynamics SL and its industry-specific capabilities that offer professional services for construction management, government contracts, engineering, and other vertical markets, including their respective evolving accounting needs. Solomon Software originally developed the system with “Solomon IV for Windows” as its title. The company was later acquired by Great Plains, which in turn was acquired by Microsoft Corporation shortly thereafter. For a business operating with less than 500 employees, this software is ideal.

The ERP system uses Windows and .NET frameworks, advantageously benefiting from its ability to share Microsoft as a common software developer. Not only can the system be deployed on-site, but can also be hosted to provide extra services, such as online support and training. Running on the Microsoft SQL Server database platform, the application effortlessly manages the complexities associated with a project-based business, helping businesses run more efficiently and providing insight to their owners who need the information to deliver accurate estimates that adhere to budget and time constraints. As a result, business owners gain more control, earn better profits, and create sufficient room for growth and expansion.

Applications in Microsoft Dynamics SL are designed for financial management, project management, business portal application, collaboration, business intelligence, IT management, as well as field service. There are two packages: the Business Essentials (basic) and Advanced Management edition, which provides more features than the basic package. Moreover, the software can support a number of industry-specific add-on apps from Microsoft Dynamics-certified ISVs (Independent Software Vendors).

Microsoft Dynamics SL has been a major success mainly because of its ease of use and comprehensibility, just like Microsoft Office. Unlike other software solutions with accounting options that are either lacking or not built for project work, this software bridges the gap by introducing comprehensive functionality for project management with robust accounting capabilities. Its financial management capability allows you to work better with numbers to contain cost, monitor compliance, and maintain clear visibility on your company assets, including cashflow.

Microsoft Dynamics SL also helps you manage sales, service, and projects with its ability to drive better decision-making – basing decision-making on business intelligence rather than emergencies – and manage both people and finances to maintain profitability for projects and client services alike.

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