Microsoft Dynamics Software Review

Backed by many years of innovation and with many customers, Microsoft dynamics software has extended the reach of productivity, insight and collaboration across your business entirely. It is a type of accounting software that offers staff across your company, fast and relevant access of data using familiar Microsoft tools. Microsoft dynamics software comes equipped with numerous dashboards and customizable, preconfigured screens complete with links to time-sensitive and critical data. There are also reminder sections, product information and learning resources, reports and quick links.


The major strength of Microsoft Dynamic software is in its financial applications besides its distribution capabilities.
The software provides many user choices for tailoring the system to individual requirements for posting, lookups, menu organization, custom reports and options.

You can also stick some notes to master records or screens. In addition to text, notes fields allow you to attach any OLE complaint objects too. This means that you can store documents, multimedia and documents in the note field.

  • Competitive price point
  • Strong customer service and support
  • Very Experienced channel of VARs or value added resellers.
  • Very strong network of ISVs or Independent Software Vendors, which produce add-on modules.


As with any other software, Microsoft Dynamics software has its downsides or weaknesses.

They include:

  • Some clients have found the software posting routines rather laborious, some data entry screens cluttered and the report writer difficult to use and learn. This is due to its unfamiliar processes and language.
  • The product is not that special for many industry verticals
  • ¬†The user needs to be more careful that their software reseller has needed skills in their industry like construction and manufacturing. This is so that they can get everything as they had been assured. Of course, this is a fact to any software reseller.

Additional Information 

Microsoft Dynamics software delivers flexible and built-in functionality, which provides business value now and also into the future. With this type of accounting software, you can simplify your business using a single solution that unites manufacturing, financials, supply chain and human resources. You are also able to improve productivity with easy-to-use tools like Microsoft Office, which make it easy to correspond effectively. The software helps you to adapt quickly without any complicated and expensive development time too.

Microsoft Dynamics software enables you to go beyond basic reporting and also broaden insights in your whole organization. This is done with easy to use and out-of-the-box sophisticated tools. The tools also assist you to gain a deep insight about your business presentation. The role-specific dashboards equipped in the software help to set priorities and make it easy to access information your staff require to make firm decisions. Through this software, your business is also able to realize fast and long-term ROI using consistent releases, which keep pace with Microsoft technology advancements and robust training.

Customers who buy this product normally pay a premium for Microsoft together with Great Plains name. Potential buyers are also advised to be sure that they are receiving enough benefits to guarantee the added expense. All this is usually explained at the store you decide to purchase the software.

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