Microsoft Dynamics VS Netsuite – Who Will Win?

While companies and online businesses are shortlisting the best management systems, there are many factors that make Microsoft Dynamics VS Netsuite to be a close battle. Depending on a customers needs there are many revolving factors between this systems that makes it hard to evaluate which one is the best of all. While comparing the two, there are very many evaluations and considerations that must be reviewed in all aspects in order to determine the best software management system.

Microsoft Dynamics VS Netsuite

Netsuite is mainly used by small companies and business that have limited IT resources. The main reasons why some customers prefer Netsuite is because of it’s frequent discounts and low cost upfront that tempt them to heavily invest on short term economic projects. However, when business are making these decisions they need to reconsider thoughts on long term investment projects and other long term interest of their companies.

In deep depth review Microsoft dynamics offers a better system management solution that perfectly suits a business current and future needs with high profit margins of optimal returns on all investments.

There are several factors that prove that Microsoft dynamics overpowers Netsuite in many ways. These factors includes:

1. The vendor stability- When it comes to reputation and stability, Microsoft wins the test because of it’s high tech product development and 24/7 support. Beside these factors, Microsoft proves to be the only software vendor that can provide maximum support for all your products in the entire future.

2. Affordability- Even though Netsuite offers heavy discounts on their products, Microsoft Dynamics is the only software that offers the best cost when one weighs the benefits ratio of the business over the time.

3. Functionality- Since this is the main cause of acquiring the management software, Microsoft dynamics has more functions and features that help companies easily manage most of their important business practices.

4. Flexibility- With so many frequent updates, Microsoft proves to make good changes as your business continue to grow with it.

First factor 1: Vendor Stability

Most small software companies tend to be very nimble and they don’t last for a long time. It would be wrong to say that Netsuite has comparatively small revenue stream or low customer count that disqualify them to be a serious contender. However, when you look at the importance of the vendor financial stability, Microsoft proves to provide maximum stability for your business support.

Some of the raised concerns regarding Netsuite stability include:

  • ¬†Lack of profits- On Feb 4, 2010, Netsuite claimed to have undergone a $23.3 million loss for the year that ended on Dec 31 st, 2009 and this was a further increase after the 2008 $15.9 million loss. While lack of profitability has nearly happen to most current successful companies, most people have raised cautions when choosing netsuite for a multiple year relationship.
  • Lack of customer gains. -Every year netsuite reports very few customer gains and this makes it hard for the company to prove it’s stability from customer growth.

Factor 2: Affordability

While most companies considerably look at the cost involved in achieving a high functioning business solution, Both Netsuite and microsoft try’s to control their products costs in order for customers to easily afford them. While Netsuite offers free trials and discounts during service subscriptions, fees usually raise after a few weeks or months of use.

Netsuite has always tried to convince it’s customers that their software systems are more affordable and cheaper than microsoft by introducing discount rates on their products. However, as times passes Netsuite frequently increases their products prices and subscription fees after the trial period is over. For addition feature such as data storage, users have to pay an extra cost in order to cater all their needs. This frustrating experience makes many customers to use microsoft dynamics that comes with a one price fixed rate that does not escalate.

Common dissatisfaction associated with Netsuite pricing includes:

  • Heavy discounts that seal the deal- Most customers report to get up to 60% discounts for the first year subscription. The offered discounts makes Netsuite to be irresistibly attractive than any other software vendor. Problems comes after the discount period is over and feature which had been included become extra cost.
  • Costly customizations for adding core functionality- When purchasing Netsuite Software packages, the core functionality are not included in the base solution and the need to acquire these functions or modifications sums up to huge costs.

Factor 3: Functionality 

While both Management software provide similar functions to their customers, an in-depth review helps us to determine which vendor keeps the promise. When comparing microsoft dynamics vs. netsuite, Microsoft proves to offer about 62% more functionality than Netsuite. complains that have been raised by many netsuite users claimed that some of the important features never worked properly and other never existed in their software package. Such kind of problems have weakened netsuite and ruined their reputation to their honored clients.

Most raised concerns on Netsuite weaknesses includes:

  • Distribution management- Many complains have been raised on Netsuite ability to manage complex inventories and distribution process. Each specific needs vary by each company and individual customers, therefore there must be a balance that ensures each an every user gets all the features.
  • Reporting business analytic- Netsuite offers a dashboard reporting system that meets a variety of the reporting need for most user but many of their customers have complained that creating multiple custom reports is sometimes slow and limited.

Factor 4: Flexibility 

While many business often look for specific systems that perfectly suits their needs, Flexibility is one of the factors that makes Microsoft dynamics to be more articulate than Netsuite. In order for a business to accomplish all it’s goals, it must use the right tools that direct it towards achieving success and it’s goals. While Netsuite software systems comes with desirable qualities, their customizations can be very expensive and limited that in Microsoft dynamics.

After doing an in-depth review of both software vendors, Microsoft tends to be more considerable and favorable than Netsuite systems. If you want to choose a good system management software for your business, consider the above factors when comparing Microsoft Dynamics VS Netsuite .

Michael is the Lead Author & Editor of DynaMe. DynaMe is a blog focused on cloud based Microsoft Dynamics.