Microsoft Unveils Dynamics CRM 2015 – Let’s Look at What’s New

By: Michael @wCRMblog Taylor

Earlier in the month Microsoft released general availability of Dynamics CRM 2015  and an Update of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

Microsoft made advancements in CRM 2015 across marketing, sales and service in a way that the company hopes will make collaboration between roles intuitive. Microsoft also introduced the sales collaboration panel.

New capabilities have been added for marketing and sales.  For marketing, a new interactive marketing calendar, integrated Lync webinars, new graphical marketing workflow and email editing, as well as A/B testing and integrated offers.


For sales, Microsoft introduced product families for product bundling and recommended products, visual sales hierarchies and roll ups, as well as more tailored dashboards and analytics on mobile.

Natural language UI is in my opinion the biggest leap for Microsoft. CRM 2015 introduces voice-enabled experiences through Cortana.

Check out the Release Preview Guide, especially page 16 with information about Improvements to quick search and the new configuration wizard.

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