Monthly Roundup of Top Microsoft Dynamics Articles!

Microsoft Dynamics can either be aimed at small companies, mid-market companies or both the small and mid-sized companies. But no matter where you work- it’s important that you’ll stay up-to-date on the latest Dynamic trends. Here are best articles on Microsoft Dynamics this month.

How the Financial Industry is Merging Social and Sales

The modern financial service industry is an emerging center full of conveniences such as the touchscreen tablets and the Wi-Fi. This makes it easier to connect to banks using the social networks. Banks are proving that being social can be good for all of us.

What The Future Holds for Microsoft Dynamics

A Microsoft spokesperson recently confirmed that the Dynamics are moving to the Cloud and Enterprise group. Microsoft Dynamics is shifting into a service that all businesses need to work better.

How to Lower the Cost of Training Employees to use Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics training program must ensure that the employees learn and retain information. Due to software updates and changes, companies should initiate programs that shift towards continued education. Online, continuous and customized learning ensures that the employees are capable of using Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft to Acquire FieldOne Systems

It has been reported that Microsoft has reached a deal to purchase FieldOne systems. This is a company that makes mobile applications and cloud services.This deal will boost Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM business that has been enjoying consistent double-digit growth.

Why Moving Microsoft Dynamics into the Cloud makes Perfect Sense

The shifting of Microsoft Dynamics into the Cloud and Enterprise group is a clear strategy that indicates that Microsoft Dynamics has come of age especially in light of similar shifts at Google and Apple.This makes it easier for businesses to change applications and processes at the pace of their customers’ changing behaviors and desires.

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