Microsoft Dynamics Architecture – Extensive Overview

Microsoft Dynamics Architecture is multi-tenant: multiple organizations or businesses can be hosted on the Dynamics CRM server. The platform forms the core of the Dynamics CRM system; and using the Dynamics CRM SDK means you’re building on top of the system. This is because Dynamics CRM platform supports smaller deployments, capable of scaling for application

Zendesk Microsoft Dynamics Overview

Zendesk Microsoft Dynamics provides a CRM integration to close the gap between an organization’s support and sales teams through enhancing visibility into key customer information and critical support activity between Dynamics CRM and Zendesk. This guide will help you understand, configure, and even use Zendesk for Dynamics CRM – an application installed in your Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender – Benefits and Features

Your business will grow someday and it will need to fit into the new systems in order to meet the constantly-evolving requirement; Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender lets you customize Dynamics GP without the need for an experienced developer or programmer, from creating new, fresh reports to building mini-apps. In Dynamics GP, SmartList is a powerful

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Manager Guide

As a data integration software and tool, Microsoft Dynamics Integration Manager can be used to extract, validate, transform, and transfer data among organization’s business applications, eliminating the need to re-key data. Through Integration Manager (IM), organizations have a cost-effective option to integrate data without specialized programming knowledge or knowledge of databases and programming interfaces. The

5 Dynamics AX Training Tips to Follow

Dynamics AX training is mostly treated as an afterthought, often with little neglect. However, end-user ERP training should be built around a strategy that accomplishes the training objectives. The functional, development, and technical implementation teams are exhausted from user acceptance testing –often completed prior to end-user training. And at this point in the project –

Understanding Dynamics Document Management

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to store your documents and manage them from within Dynamics CRM using the Dynamics document management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint. By integrating Dynamics CRM with SharePoint, you can be able to access, share, and even collaborate more effectively and protect your documents in SharePoint from any unauthorized access and/or use. You

Microsoft Unveils Dynamics CRM 2015 – Let’s Look at What’s New

By: Michael @wCRMblog Taylor Earlier in the month Microsoft released general availability of Dynamics CRM 2015  and an Update of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. Microsoft made advancements in CRM 2015 across marketing, sales and service in a way that the company hopes will make collaboration between roles intuitive. Microsoft also introduced the sales collaboration panel. New capabilities have been

Extensive Microsoft Dynamics Database Guide

Dynamics CRM data is stored in a Microsoft Dynamics database. Reports access this data through several filtered views included in the Dynamics CRM. The data is filtered by these views based on the user’s Dynamics CRM security role. Extensive Microsoft Dynamics Database Guide Object Schemas To locate schema information on any filtered view, attribute, or

How to Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Each organization works in a unique manner and must customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to suit their business. While some organizations have instituted clearly defined business processes applied through Microsoft Dynamics CRM, many others are unhappy with their existing business processes and are now using CRM to help them apply new data and processes to improve