The Features of Microsoft Dynamics Finance

Microsoft Dynamics Finance or financial management consolidates all areas of accounting and business finance system into one system. Not only does a consolidated system save time and money, it streamlines your business administration and provides detailed financial reports, enabling accurate and sound decision-making related to all matters of accounting and corporate finance workflows.

In addition, access to a complete suite of real-time, precise corporate finance data offers a strong basis for financial decision making. It also supports the analysis of risk management, asset management, and resource management.

The Features of Microsoft Dynamics Finance

Microsoft Dynamics NAV- Financial Management Solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a complete financial management solution, as it makes it easier to connect financial information and transactions seamlessly across affiliate companies and international deployments. At the same time, it provides the audit trails, as well as other security measures and requirements by mandates, such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAPs), Basel II, and the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Microsoft Dynamics finance is Dynamics NAV financial and accounting software that provides comprehensive, up-to-date financial information, making it easy to spot trends, as well as gain insight into business activities to enable you capitalize of the knowledge you have to identify new opportunities.

Features of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Helps manage a broad range of various business areas, according to particular business needs
  • You can also add functionality when and as you need it, enabling you to grow at your own pace
  • Can help control and manage the whole lifecycle of fixed assets – right from acquisition to disposal
  • Meet business, as well as regulatory requirements, monitor fiscal performance, and help reduce the time and effort an organization’s people spend on accounting activities and tasks
  • Helps maximize cash resources and drive efficiency with flexible, easy-to-use integrated accounts-payable capabilities
  • Multi-currency support in Dynamics NAV helps an organization expand into international markets, reducing the complexity of global transactions
  • Optimize cash flow by tracking customer payments and streamlining accounts-receivable

Financial services

Many companies are realizing that the only way to acquire and retain customers is by delivering an outstanding customer experience. They have to stay ahead of their competition. Whether you offer products for banking, insurance, or wealth management, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you create a customer-centric organization where your people develop meaning, enduring relationships with customers to improve profitability, and boost operational efficiency.

Creating a Customer-Centric Organization

Your organization can take advantage of solutions and templates designed specifically for the financial services industry and bolstered by industry partners. CRM tools for financial services can do the following:

  • Create targeted offers and identify high-value clients, helping increase share of wallet with a complete view of customer information
  • Automate key tasks and business processes to help boost operational efficiencies and utilize core competencies
  • Help in winning customer loyalty and engender trust via customized client services across multiple channels
  • Take advantage of Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investment in the cloud, a near 100% uptime service-level agreement with Dynamics CRM online, and a leading security infrastructure
  • Help in reducing total cost of ownership, extending your IT investments’ value via intuitive customization tools, and even simplified integration with existing systems

Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Capital Markets

  • Become a trusted advisor that customers can depend on, while helping to reduce administrative overhead and increase managed assets with Dynamics CRM.
  • Help improve your people’s efficiency with embedded desktop productivity capabilities and features, as well as a native Outlook experience within Dynamics CRM
  • Build long-term customer loyalty by equipping your advisors with the necessary tools and real-time customer information, allowing them to deliver personalized and tailored advice, as well as accurate service
  • Capitalize on any cross-sell opportunity available and deliver targeted offers to each household/customer based on their personal needs, unique profile, and risk tolerance to maximize client productivity
  • Increase operational efficiency by automating your key tasks – regulatory-required processes, client onboarding, and quarterly reports
  • Seamlessly track your sales activities while isolating key trends and identifying your most valuable customers using real-time dashboards and powerful analytics.


  • Dynamics CRM can help increase customer retention, proactively manage risk, and boost productivity
  • Streamline your key banking processes, including account onboarding, case escalation, and loan origination, with guided dialogs and automated workflows
  • Cultivate enduring customer relationships that are profitable to your organization by equipping your front-line employees with comprehensive account information of each customer, including needs, interaction details, preferences, and product history
  • Help slash your operational costs across offices, branches, and call centers by minimizing busywork and administrative tasks with intuitive productivity features
  • Manage your exposure better by seamlessly integrating with other key systems to quickly identify risk-elevating behaviors, such as low credit ratings, late payments, and other triggers
  • Help increase wallet share and boost productivity, as it helps you capitalize on cross-sell opportunities and ensure that pricing strategies and banking policies are properly aligned to the outlined retention strategies


  • Transform your organization from being a policy-centric to being a customer-centric firm and help your people be more productive, with Dynamics CRM
  • Help increase customer loyalty and boost renewal rates with a much faster inquiry handling, proactive customer service, and streamlined claims resolution
  • Capitalize on potential sales opportunities to help improve key operational efficiency by centralizing all policyholder information, including interaction and underwriting history, outreach activities, key relationships, preferences, and claims details, in one repository
  • Help ensure you abide by or meet regulatory compliance by using auditing capabilities and robust workflow to automatically capture and even track key information/data areas
  • Gain unprecedented visibility into the agent/broker productivity, sales pipeline, claims processing, client loyalty, etc., with real-time dashboards, as well as contextual analytics
  • Improve broker/agent agility with tools and mobile solutions that reduce busywork to free up your people’s time to have more relevant, meaningful customer conversations


Dynamics NAV provides organizations with accounting and finance solutions to help in tracking and analyzing business information. In fact, with end-to-end integration, it is possible to efficiently manage the general ledger (GL), inventory, payables, receivables, fixed assets, cash flow, analytical accounting, perform bank reconciliations, as well as collections. In addition, you can use Microsoft Dynamics Finance to manage various financial processes across multiple locations, currencies, or companies.

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