The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add Ons You Need to Know

These days, all businesses require Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) add ons to execute various tasks. There is a huge number of these add ons that cover specific business requirements and areas that are completely integrated into the MS Dynamics NAV functionality of standard business.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add Ons You Need to Know

1. Easy PDF Email & Fax

It’s add-on for MS Dynamics Navision that automatically sends documents directly to the listed number of customers through fax and creates emails with some PDF attachments, which look exactly like printed report. This add-on generally allow you to email or fax any document right from within MS Dynamics NAV. emails are automatically created from templates that can include some Dynamics NAV information, such as the customer information, order totals, document numbers, or just anything else. The emails may also be created using any language and the message language will be directly linked to the Language-Code on the Customer Card’s the Foreign Trade Fast-Tab.

This Microsoft Dynamics add-on also allows you to either automatically batch send or send customer statements, reminders, posted sales credit memos, finance charge memos, and posted sales invoices. It also streamlines your processes, saving resources and time, and offers a better customer experience by simply delivering documents in a manner that your clients wants to receive them.

2. Easy Currency Exchange

This is another add-on for MS Dynamics NAV, which is cloud-based utility to manually or automatically update the NAV Exchange-Rate Adjustment tables for any of 160 base-currencies in terms of other currency. It uses web services to integrate with data services of Informatica Strikeiron. Easy Currency Exchange comes with some benefits, including schedule updates, it ensures out-of-date exchange-rate data is not a problem anymore, and it eliminates the need to manually research and update exchange rate.

Setting up this add-on only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is to choose a base currency by a good NAV company and activate as several target currencies as needed by the company. Setup the update frequency of currency exchange rate by day, or, week, or even month. Finally, choose rate to use – it can be spot rate or previous London close at the time of update by the company.

3. Easy Ship

This is also one of the best Microsoft Dynamics NAV add ons that connects to PaceJet – a cloud-based shipping application, which is very easy to use. It comes with some benefits such as supports DHL, USPS, FedEx, UPS Freight, UPS and over 20 other carriers, provides full capability of rate quoting, offers live and negotiated shipping rates, and flexible handling of specific freight charges, including third party billing, as well as COD Works with Navision Warehouse management. Based on the type of business, you can either choose to use Easy Ship Standard or Easy Ship Pick & Pack.

a) Easy Ship Standard – allows the companies quickly, affordably and easily ship packages from MS Dynamics NAV, import freight charges, and record tracking numbers, while having the leader in the cloud-based shipping systems – PaceJet to communicating with the carries and handling label printing.

b) Easy Ship Pick & Pack – this one, on the other hand, is for companies that want to keep proper track of specific individual packages. Generally, this gives you the ability to pack and easily track what put is in each box, together with the tracking numbers and specific charges for each box. Harmonized and Commodity Codes are as well provided for international shipping. It also prints necessary documentation, such as commercial invoices, NAFTA declarations, County of Origin, just to mention a few and stores export license information too.

4. Easy Sales Tax

Cloud-based sales tax calculations automatically into Navision from Wolters-Kluwer CC – the leading provider of accurate tax information in the world. Easy Sales Tax add-on for MS Dynamics Navision helps you take the worry out of your sales tax compliance. Tax calculations in more than 8,400 US sales tax-jurisdictions are done automatically when a sales-document is posted or released. The calculation of taxes is done at the Sales-Order Line-Level and then displayed by jurisdiction and line item. CCH offers complete tax filing and tax reporting options to entirely remove the task of dealing with sales tax calculations directly from your office.

The importance of using this particular Microsoft Dynamics add-on is that it instantly calculates the sales tax in Credit Memos and Sales Order with up-to-date and accurate information, brings about transaction based pricing, validates ship-to-addresses automatically for accurate tax information and shipping and implements quickly with the support from CCH.

5. Dimension Management

This one is responsible for the changing of dimensions on posted transactions and documents and also for updating historical transactions with any new dimensions.

a) Posted Documents and Transactions – you can use this MS Dynamics NAV add-on to change or add dimensions on either posted documents or posted transaction. This can be helpful, especially when you accidentally assign a wrong dimension or forget a dimension. With an updated or new dimension, you can easily update any transaction without going through a quite long and tedious process of reversing the document or transaction, and creating a new, revised one.

b) New Dimensions on Historical Transactions – this particular add-on can add a great dimension to an item, customer, or vendor and then update historical ledger entries. This allows you to run reports and analysis on a new dimension for that particular entity. For instance, if you’d like to see your company sales through sales channel, you can update your clients with their corresponding dimensions, with the new dimension run all the process to sales data, and analyze all your sales by the new sales-channel.

In addition, when you make changes to certain dimensions, a complete change history is retained. If a value of dimension was wrongly changed, you are provided with an “Undo” function that creates a complete reversing entry and then restores all the original values. You may also opt to prevent certain changes to data, especially in “Closed Periods”. By using this add-on for MS Dynamics NAV, you can extend analysis and reporting by simply updating dimensions, hence saving effort and time by updating the old transactions with correct dimensions.

Conclusively, with all these Microsoft Dynamics NAV add ons you can contribute in a very concrete way to the success of your company.

Michael is the Lead Author & Editor of DynaMe. DynaMe is a blog focused on cloud based Microsoft Dynamics.