What is Microsoft Dynamics POS?

Microsoft Dynamics POS (Point of Sale) is retail software specially designed for independent single-store retailers. It streamlines inventory management and reporting, automating transaction processing from start to finish, whist keeping track of customer information and maintaining detailed customer transaction histories.

Today, success in retail is defined by the functions performed by point of sale store management tools that can properly address the current business needs and enable business enterprises respond positively to change, and in a timely manner. Microsoft Dynamics POS introduces better insight into your business, improving customer satisfaction and empowering employees to make better decisions. It also improves response to changing business situations and lowers IT costs.

Microsoft’s product offers many advantages to the user and some of them are discussed below.

1.Easy to learn and use

While most employees will not be comfortable with new software, many are familiar with Microsoft software experience. Its role-tailored user interface can also improve employee productivity, offering them all the information required to make better decisions and keep costs low.

2. Helps you drive more value for the company from your existing investments

The software will help you improve retail store operations, especially from point of sale and throughout the supply chain. It easily integrates with your existing Microsoft enterprise solution products and technologies to improve information-sharing. Not only does it work to meet your current business needs, but also scalable to meet future needs. Because it is familiar and easy-to-use software, it fits with existing software systems and Microsoft technologies to help reduce your IT costs while maximizing your IT investment in the process.

3. Makes your employees more productive

In today’s business environment, automation of processes is a key aspect of business success. The POS system adapts to your particular business and enables you to automate processes so that your employees can be more productive by being more customer-focused. You will also be able to enhance customer loyalty by the unique shopping experience provided, including multichannel retailing, flexible payment options, and mobility.

4. Get an in-depth understanding of key businesses processes

The software will help provide the much-needed insight so that you and your employees can make informed decisions confidently. Having greater visibility into inventory management, dynamic trends, and employee productivity will maximize your success.

This retail software is supported in English language and available in the following geographical regions: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Microsoft Dynamics POS will enable you do the following:

  •  Based on reorder points and restock levels, the POS will enable you automatically generate purchase orders to keep your inventory operating at optimum levels
  •  Import information on an item, customer, or supplier from Microsoft Excel, where you can then view sales and inventory information in modifiable reports.
  •  Integrate sales information with other Microsoft business enterprise solution software, including small business accounting and other business management software like QuickBooks.
  •  Monitor customer behavior and purchasing patterns and track customer visits to your site, including purchase histories.
  •  Assign role-based security to your employees
  •  Speed up checkout with debit/credit card processing services
  •  Suspend and resume transactions easily
  •  Use time clock to accurately track employees hours

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics POS can help you ensure that business operations are running seamlessly, as it streamlines inventory management and automates business processes.

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