Why Dynamics CRM Certification is a Thing of the Past

In case you haven’t heard, Dynamics has eliminated many exams and certifications. People are not happy with this move. J. Peter Bruzzese summed it up perfectly when he said; “Many of those who worked so hard and spent so much time and money to reach these levels and distinguish themselves have exploded with anger and frustration over this decision….”


Let’s take a look at why Dynamics CRM Certification is a thing of the past.


Microsoft Certifications: Do they Serve a Purpose?

Getting certified is not always an easy feat. A lot of certifications require a steep learning curve, time, energy, and money. This must mean that certifications serve a purpose, right? Well, it’s not that simple. Companies start certification programs for a few reasons, and not necessarily because attaining such certifications hold high value. One reason is to increase product knowledge. However, there is a deeper reason. As Michael Van Horenbeeck said, “It’s about creating an ecosystem. It’s a way for vendors to bring professionals closer to their products….” Certifications and intentions aside, nothing can replace real world experience and demonstrated ability. Those things are priceless. Microsoft Certification holds most of its value only if you’re searching to be hired by an organization that needs certifications to fulfill their Microsoft Partner Competency requirements.

Even Without Certification, Ensure Any Dynamics™ Task or Action is Completed Successfully

On the flip side, your Dynamics CRM certification and any other certifications you may have do still matter and will continue to help you along your way. Certifications enhance your resume and give you an advantage over others. Certifications can definitely help you in your job search. They show that you have a set of skills that are necessary for success. Employers have no shortage of resumes and therefore are more inclined to hire those who have the best skills.


The Dynamics CRM Certification Retirement  

Top-tier certification programs, such as Microsoft Certified (Solutions) Master and Microsoft Certified Architect, have retired. Many more programs and exams are scheduled to retire in the coming months. A large driving force behind the planned exam retirements is the wave of next generation enterprise technologies set to be put on the market. Microsoft has stated that too few people were trying to get certified, which left little money to maintain these certifications. Times are changing. Microsoft is reorganizing. Leaders are being changed. With these changes, Microsoft is revamping their system.


Don’t Spend Time Worrying

You may be wondering what happens to your Dynamics CRM certification once exams have retired… Well, you’re in luck. Any certifications you have earned, or plan to earn before their retirement date, are still valid and will be reflected on your transcript. If you do plan to take exams before they retire, make sure you plan in accordance with their retirement date and leave plenty of time to re-take an exam if necessary.


As frustrating as the retirements may be, know that you and your certifications still matter. If anything, view this change as a new opportunity to gain more real life experience.





Michael is the Lead Author & Editor of DynaMe. DynaMe is a blog focused on cloud based Microsoft Dynamics.